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BBQ spice set


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To make your loved ones happy is definitely one of the most beautiful things in the world: eyes beaming with joy, a big smile on your face and a loud "thank you" from the bottom of your heart - like for example when giving away our spice sets. Discover now different spicy gifts, for sweet, salty or oriental gourmets with which it is guaranteed to always work!

As we personally take care of the cultivation and harvest of our spices, we can guarantee that the plantation is kept as sustainable as possible.

This is also supported by the creation of a permaculture model garden.

In the cultivation of our spices, artificial fertilizers and sulfur as a preservative are completely avoided.

All spices are harvested in the traditional way and air-dried. Our plantation is always open for interested visitors. In our blog you can learn more about the cultivation and origin of our spices.

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Traditional cultivation without pesticides and fertilizers


From our own permaculture cultivation and small organic farmers personally supported by us


Our plantation is open to visitors at any time.

What makes our spices different?

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