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Discover the warmth of Organic Cloves from Sri Lanka. Elevate your cooking with this versatile spice, perfect for seasoning meats, fish, and tofu. Indulge in the aroma and taste by adding them to baked goods like Christmas cookies and gingerbread.

Dive into comfort with clove-infused drinks like chai tea, mulled wine, or spiced chocolate. Explore its holistic benefits, from antioxidants to easing nausea and treating acne.

Rooted in Sri Lanka, our spices are sourced from local farmers we personally know.

Experience the subtly sweet flavor and intense aroma of these flower buds, which offer a dash of nature's goodness. Spice up your life with Organic Cloves.

Cloves Organic from Sri Lanka

Artikelnummer: SPI-NEL-25
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    • perfect for seasoning meat, fish or tofu
    • Seasoned baked goods such as Christmas cookies and gingerbread
    • for hot drinks such as chai tea, mulled wine or spiced chocolate
    • for chutneys or jams
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