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Embark on a flavor journey with Organic Black Pepper Powder from Sri Lanka. Elevate salads, invigorate any dish, or experiment with fresh fruit pairings like mango, raspberries, or pineapple.

Unleash its health potential: abundant antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits, and potential blood sugar improvement.

Our spices originate from Sri Lanka, sourced from small-scale farmers for a personal touch.

Savor the fruity aroma and full-bodied flavor of these peppercorns.

Grown on jackfruit tree trunks, their essence adds depth and spiciness to your dishes. Elevate your creations with Organic Black Pepper Powder – a culinary touch that's both enriching and enlivening.

Black Pepper Powder Organic from Sri Lanka

4,90 €Preis
    •  perfect in salads
    •  delicious to spice up any dish you cook
    •  You can also try pepper with fresh fruit like mango, raspberries or pineapple
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