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Explore the magic of Sri Lanka's Organic Turmeric Powder, enriching every culinary creation.
From golden milk to flavorful curries, this radiant powder adds vibrancy and wellness to your dishes.

Embrace its health advantages: taming inflammation, boosting memory, and fortifying the immune system – all in a single scoop.

Sourced thoughtfully, our spices flourish on Sri Lanka's southwest coast near the renowned Bentota River, in an ecological permaculture garden. Turmeric grows naturally, free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides, reflecting our commitment to purity.

With a slightly tart spiciness and a fresh, peppery-earthy aroma, it's the healthy enhancement your meals crave. Radiating a golden yellow hue, our Organic Turmeric Powder elevates flavors and nourishes your well-being.

Turmeric Powder Organic from Sri Lanka

    •      for the golden milk and anti-inflammatory turmeric tea
    •      in curries and sauces
    •      as ginger-turmeric and with herbal teas
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