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Our Story

Our family adventure began in 2012 when we started to create a model garden for permaculture on a one hectare cinnamon plantation near Bentota, Sri Lanka. By now we have already planted over 1000 fruit, spice, ayurvedic and timber trees, created a vegetable garden and keep goats, chicken and bees.

In our online store you can stock up with our high quality spices. They are sourced directly from our Permaculture Garden and from local small scale home garden growers. This way we support local organic growers and private home garden growers who struggle to find an appropriate market for their high quality spices. The benefit is that we can offer you a wider range of spices and at the same time support permaculture and organic farming in Sri Lanka.

As we personally attend to the cultivation and harvest of our spices, we can guarantee an one of a kind quality, purity and flavor intensity. We completely avoid any artificial fertilizers, harvest the spices in the traditional way, air-dry them and avoid using sulphur for preservation.

Our plantation is always open for visitors for guided farm tours as well as for staying in the farm house.

In our blog you can learn more about the cultivation and origin of our spices.

Simultaneously we built a villa at the beachfront in Beruwala, Sri Lanka, where we started welcoming guests in 2014. It was important for us to build the villa in the most sustainable way, avoiding air conditions by designing rooms with sufficient airflow and using local natural building materials. Here you can enjoy holidays in an eco-friendly, beautiful and serene environment.

In 2019 the next sustainable project was born: The former servants house of the castle Alt Sammit  in Krakow am See, Germany. We renovated all apartments in the house dating back to 1890 ourselves, bringing them back to their origins: Clay plastered walls, wooden floors, tile ovens and wood stoves for cooking. Claire has planted 75 old fruit tree varieties in the one hectare garden on her own. Now we welcome guests in two holiday apartments where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside.

More information about our vacation accommodations can be found on this website.

Our most recent projects are a wooden sailing boat from 1937 and a Swedish Farmhouse from 1870.


Preserving and reviving the old is our passion, and we never leave a place without having planted a tree. You can now also follow our journey on YouTube and Instagram!

We are happy that you have discovered our page and are always available for questions and suggestions!



Claire, Paulina, Carlotta & the whole Amuura Team

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