Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. It is more productive and sustainable than conventional agriculture, which uses artificial fertilizer.


It is even more environment protective than organic farming and uses the specific qualities of every plant to nourish and support the surrounding plants and thus create a self-sustainable system with a minimum need of external energy input.


The principle of permaculture does not only apply for farming, but also for housing and the ideal use of natural resources.


For the building of Amuura Permaculture Garden, we used traditionally self-made clay bricks and natural clay plaster. These keep the house cool inside and absorbs humidity, so that the cinnamon can dry more easily.

We strongly believe that contrary to monoculture, permaculture is essential for sustainable development and it is a key ingredient in our vision for a healthy future.

Wheel garden

Using the principle of garden rotation

Chickens and Nature working together

Vegetable Garden

Farm house build with Clay walls

Making clay bricks our own

Pineapple growing on stone ground

Hanging Chicken house

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