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Elevate your culinary journey with Organic Nutmeg Whole from Sri Lanka. Unleash its aromatic richness in your cooking. Perfect for enhancing vanilla sauces, creamy puddings, and the delectable allure of vanilla biscuits.

Savor the dual delight of flavor and potential health perks. It might contribute to heart health, offer anti-carcinogenic properties, and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits.

Our spices are sourced meticulously from Sri Lanka, supplemented by local farmers we personally know.

Experience the symphony of sweet, fruity notes in each whole nutmeg. Its intense sweetness and creaminess elevate your dishes to the sublime. Elevate your creations with the world's most coveted Organic Nutmeg Whole.

Nutmeg Whole Organic from Sri Lanka


    •      shaved into baked goods like puddings and cakes
    •      with hearty dishes and sauces
    •      in classic drinks such as eggnog
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