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Discover the vibrancy of Organic Chili Powder from Sri Lanka, adding a fiery twist to meats, roasted potatoes, and morning eggs for a spirited start.

Embrace a healthier you with immune-boosting properties, weight balance, and the nurturing of skin and hair health.

Sourced on Sri Lanka's southwest coast near the renowned Bentota River and Adam's Peak, our spices flourish in an ecological permaculture garden, free from artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

Delight in its unique fruity-sweet spiciness and natural red hue, sans artificial additives. Elevate dishes with Organic Chili Powder, a health-conscious and flavorful addition.

Chili Powder Organic from Sri Lanka

    •   meat dishes.
    •   roasted potatoes.
    •   off to your morning eggs for a little kickstart to the day
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