Elegant Guesthouse in Beruwala Srilanka

Produces organic ceylon cinnamon.

and ecological like an eco-lodge


Our home was designed and built by ourselves and it was very important for us to only use high-quality and natural materials. We carefully chose them, such as clay bricks and solid Sri Lankan wood treated and polished with natural wax.

The house is designed in a way that there is a permanent airflow which makes air conditioning needless. All rooms have open woodcarvings above the windows and we made sure that all rooms have very high ceilings. The walls are plastered with coral plaster and the floor of the veranda is made out of clay bricks which retain cool. All this is the reason why we do not have any fungus in our home unlike most other hotels and houses in Sri Lanka. We provide a shared bathroom, which is another aspect for sustainability.

The wood for our floor, doors, windows and furniture is all Sri Lankan timber that we have not treated with any artificial paint. It is sanded and polished with natural bee’s wax, which not only smells, feels and looks better than paint but is also more durable.

Rooms are individually furnished, either with antique or self designed, unique furniture. Most of our furniture is locally handmade and the house itself perfectly matches the environment. We care for details and for harmonious design elements. Even our cutlery and tableware are no off-the-shelf articles. It is all antique, bought on markets in Germany.


For your sweet dreams, we provide soft bamboo bed linen.

Spacious living meets local flair in a unique atmosphere we gladly invite you to discover for yourselves.

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