The Amuura Permculture Garden in Sri Lanka was created to be a model garden for permaculture farming, food sovereignty, self-sustainability. It is to encourage small farmers from the surrounding area and (foreign) visitors to also start their own gardens. We want all people being more independent from the food industry and to help rebuild a healthy nature.

For the building of Amuura Permaculture Garden, we used traditionall, self-made clay bricks and natural clay plaster. These keep the house cool inside and absorbs humidity, so that the fresh harvested cinnamon can dry more easily.

We invite everyone to visit our 1 ha garden, it offers the perfect opportunity to experience Sri Lanka's back country and organic gardening. To learn and see everything about cinnamon production and permanent agriculture in a guided garden tour. We gladly share our knowledge and passion for sustainable living and let you in to some of our secrets of permaculture.

Some quick facts ahead:

-we grow a great variety of fruits, spices and vegetables including ayurvedic plants used in the traditional medicine of Sri lanka.

-we only use compost and never use any pesticides.

-the farm was build, designed and planted all by ourselves

 Garden Tours


Our guided garden tour cost 1000 Rs. per person.


If you wish to visit Amuura Permaculture Garden, please give us a call at 00 94 (0)34 2277600 and let us know about your preferred date and time and we will be happy to arrange a memorable tour for you.

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