We are proud to be the only cinnamon exporter, selling sulphur free cinnamon. Our cinnamon is richly flavored and we use it for both sweet and salty dishes.  
Let us share with you how cinnamon is being harvested. 

Early in the morning, when the sun starts to rise, the cinnamon trees are cut down to stump size. Branches are carried from the plantation to the house. After washing the branches, the outer bark is scraped off and the inner bark, that is the cinnamon we eat, is peeled off the branches.


The cut pieces dry for a few hours, so they start to roll up. Then the cinnamon pieces are stuffed to long sticks and dry on taut cords for about two weeks. The remaining branches are used as firewood in the local bakeries.


Due to the fact that we do not use sulphur to treat the cinnamon, we dry it longer and are very thorough with this process. We make sure we remove any trace of humidity and insects. The lack of humidity makes the cinnamon lighter and this  way we do earn less money per kg (comparing to other vendors), but on the other hand we earn more. And so do you. What you actually pay for is 100% real.

You can purchase our organic cinnamon as a gift or for your personal use, via our online shop.

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