At Amuura Permculture Garden we create a model garden for permaculture farming, food sovereignty, self-sustainability and Eco-tourism. It should be a role model for other farmers and encourage small farmers from the surrounding area to also start their own gardens for being more independent from the food industry and rebuilding a healthy nature.

We are not only producing organic cinnamon, but also plant a great variety of fruits, spices and vegetables and learn how they best complement and nourish each other. Of course, we only use compost and never use pesticides.

Our organic fruits and vegetables we use for cooking at Amuura Beach House and the cinnamon is sold in our online shop or directly at the farm. Our long term goal is to cultivate a large variety of plants and thus be able to provide a wide palette of fresh, diverse and organic food.

If you would like to support us in creating a healthier world you can purchase our organic cinnamon, volunteer at the farm, book a garden tour or stay on the farm for holiday.

clay walls
Bamboo Roof
raining on the wheel garden
morning View

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